You will need
  • flower pot with hole for water drainage, sand, peat, gravel, plastic bag
Before you plant a tuft in the ground, carefully consider it, along with the stem. Pineapple should not be out frozen old, otherwise you will not get any fruit even with the proper care. Therefore, do not plant pineapples in the winter, better make it a summer or early fall. Choose for planting the pineapple with sturdy green leaves inside the top.
Peel with a sharp knife tip, not touching the fruit itself. Clean it from the lower leaves, removing three or four layers. You have in your hands should stay top with a small "stump" of not more than 1 cm in height. Dry the top for 2-3 weeks to prepare the cuttings for planting. The fact that during drying, nutrients Scopata in place of formation of the future root system.
In the few weeks engaged in preparing the soil for cultivation of pineapple. First you need to root the system in a small flower pot with a diameter slightly larger than the tip of a dried tuft. The pot must be with hole for water drainage. As a reinforcement of suitable uniform substance of peat and river sand, laid on top of a two-centimeter layer of pebbles. A couple of days before planting disinfect the "soil" of boiling water.
Put the crest in the pot up to the bottom leaves a little "tread" fingers space at the base, sprinkle water and cover with a plastic bag. Put the pot in a bright and warm place in the house, but avoid direct sunlight. Remove the package after a couple of weeks after planting.
The root system will be formed within one month, so I will transplant the plant in a container slightly larger in soil consisting of uniform quantities of soil, peat and sand. Water the pineapple very warm water, but only after full drying of the soil. From time to time, fertilize the plant mullein.