Let us just consider the easiest option – create a wired connection of your computer and laptop. In this case, you will need a network cable of the desired length.
Connect the power adapters of laptop and computer together. Both devices will have a new local network. But, as a rule, a computer and a laptop combine with a specific purpose. Most often it is done for quick communication or for creating common access to the Internet. In this case, you must configure a local network.
Consider the situation when the computer connected to the Internet, and you want to provide access to it from the laptop. Open the properties of your Internet connection. Select the tab "Access". Allow the computers you have created a local network to use this connection.
Open settings of the network adapter that is connected to the laptop. Set it to a fixed (static) IP address, the value of which will be
Open the same menu on the laptop. Enter the IP address that will match the first three segments with the computer's IP address, e.g. Now enter the IP address of the first computer in the third and fourth fields in this menu. They are called "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server".
If you do not wish to use the cable to sync laptop and computer, get an Wi-Fi adapter. Connect this equipment to the computer and install the drivers for it.
Open the control center network and sharing. Go to "Manage wireless networks". Click "Add". In the next window select "Create a network the computer-computer". Set the network name, security type and password for it. In the next menu, allow General access to this network.
Activate search for wireless networks on the laptop. Connect to the created access point. If you do not have Internet access, then disable the firewall on the computer.