You will need
  • - thyme or rosemary marsh;
  • - ACC or libeksin;
  • - inhalation of essential oils.
Buy thyme and steep it in boiling water in accordance with the directions on the package. Take the grass course, approximately 1 month drink, and 1 make a break. Thyme is phlegm and facilitate the expectoration of nicotine mucus from the lungs. Instead of a suitable thyme and rosemary marsh, he has a slightly stronger effect, but there may be individual intolerance. In the first reception of a single dose reduce by 10-15 times and see whether or not you have allergies.
Do inhalations with soda or essential oils. Add a little of any oil (lemon, tea tree, fir, etc.) in hot water and breathe over steam. Inhalation respiratory spend 2-3 times a day, but if you are very busy, at least for the night. Essential oils soothe the respiratory tract, disinfect and alleviate expectoration.
Can relax in the sauna, it will replace the inhalations over the steam. Add on the heater a little fir or cedar oil diluted with water. Try to breathe a "full" breast, the steam penetrated deeper inside the lungs and softened them.
With a strong cough will help to cope ACC or libeksin, but it's powerful drugs with side effects, so taking them for his own purpose is extremely dangerous. The problem is not even formulated, and that if mucus will liquefy, but it will not hawk, in the lung may begin as a purulent process which can be pumped only by special equipment.
But if you are seriously concerned about a dry non-productive cough that often brings pain, contact the hospital. You will do chest x-rays, do tests of sputum and blood and prescribe treatment. Also measures the lung capacity, in some cases, prescribe aerosol medications to relieve the spasm from the lungs.
Try to quit Smoking and all lung problems will gradually cease. Smoking causes lung cancer, asthma and obstructive bronchitis, so if you want to live long and be healthy serious diseases, then give up the harmful habit forever.