You will need
  • documents pedigree.
If you purchased a puppy of a Shar Pei and don't know what to call it, pay attention to several factors. Look at the color of the Shar Pei, as very often, for exhibits, and pick up names, hearing which, one would immediately guess about the color of the animal.
как кармить шенков шарпея
Also look at the paper pedigree because usually in the documents of the breeders come up with a nickname with a certain letter. After reviewing the documents, you will have the option of choosing a suitable name that fits well with the name of the parents. Pofantaziruyte and come up with several options.
как воспитать щенка шарпея
Pei is called "passport", using a complex design, part of which will become finally a real nickname. For example, the famous nursery Champions Antoine Ty Lee Klondike best pearl or lunar rainbow celestial Minion of fortune. Agree, nobody calls their pet a name that long every day, it is much easier to "pull" from the full set a little, the most euphonious, slice it and use it.
игрушки для шарпеев своими руками
If you plan to participate with your pet for the exhibitions name, come up with a memorable and striking, such as Chuck, frost, grey, Frankenstein, Trevor and so on. Observe the character of your pet and choose a nickname consistent with the behavior and character of the puppy (e.g., Thunder, Jump, Gamer, etc.).
как купать шапея щенка
The most important thing - teach a puppy its name from childhood and don't change it. On the Internet and in the exhibition of information for breeders you can always find plenty of examples of nicknames. Taking advantage of these resources (or yourself) look for your pet and the best friend a nickname that is fitting to him.
каким цветом язык у щенков шарпея
Listen to the sound, attach a nickname to your puppy to understand suitable or not and choose. Jackie, Derian, Sailor, ivy, Ansel, Nordic, Sienna is one of the most common options. Can also called puppy funny, funny a name corresponding to his disposition.