Create a file name index.html to perform the operation of correcting the error 403 "Access denied" arising from the inability of servers to query in the absence of the access permission to the file or the lack of it in the catalog.
Change permissions to the file to 644 to allow reading of the selected file from a web server or edit rights to read and execute the desired script in the directory cgi-bin to 755.
Follow the procedure create and host the list of www file .htaccess with the value an ErrorDocument 404 /not-found.html to fix HTTP error code 404 "File not found" that appears when asking for a nonexistent disk file.
Create a file not-found.html a description of the problem and advice the website visitors to automatically redirect to the created page when you enter a non-existent'.
Check the correctness of the values of the necessary directives in the file .htaccess if the message error code 500 Internal Server Error. Very often the reason is a bug in the writing.
Enter a value for chmod 755 in the field of unix command-line shell if you encounter problems with access rights to the selected Perl script and make sure that the used text (ASCII) file transfer mode FTP.
Check the issue of the HTTP headers in error.log and enter in the text box, the unix shell the following value to perform validation of syntax of the selected script:> perl -cw syntax OK
Correct any errors and repeat the validation script.