Properties of the drug

The effect of the drug "Motherwort Forte" aimed at regulating the condition of the nervous system. The tool normalizes the level of processes obuzhdenie and inhibition of the CNS, well regulates cardiac rhythm, normalizes blood pressure. Also the drug has a General stabilizing effect on the body in diseases of the heart and nervous system, has diuretic and antispasmodic action.
Four tablets of "Motherwort Forte" 100% satisfy the daily requirement for vitamin B6.


"Motherwort Forte" is prescribed for the treatment of increased nervous excitability. In particular, the means indicated for sleep disorders, neurasthenia, problems with the cardio-sosudistoi system, triggered by vascular dystonia and hypertension.

Usage instructions

The drug "Motherwort Forte" taken orally, during meals. A single dose is 1-2 tablets. To drink "Motherwort Forte" is necessary 2 times a day.
The amount of the drug intended for 1 admission depends on the severity of the disease.

The duration of therapy is determined individually. In some cases, to achieve a noticeable positive effect of the drug must be taken for a few days. This is due to accumulation of active substances of the tool in the body.


The drug "Motherwort Forte" should not be used in hypersensitivity to its ingredients, and in the periods of pregnancy and lactation. In rare cases, when using this tool, you may experience unwanted side effects such as allergic reactions and bloating.


The drug "Motherwort Forte" has a positive effect on the nervous system. The feedback tool is a good sedative. It relieves emotional stress during times of stress, helps to relax. It is noted the performance of the drug during menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Due to its natural composition, "Motherwort Forte" will not have negative impact on the body.

The effectiveness of this tool contribute to the present in its composition vitamins – magnesium and B6. Among the advantages worth noting is the release form of the drug: pills are more convenient to use compared to tincture or herb that needs to be brewed. In addition, the pills, unlike the tinctures of motherwort, contain no ethanol, and therefore, they can accept people who are contraindicated in alcoholic preparations.