You will need
  • Water, tannin, glycerin and gelatin
Before you start making gel you need to prepare other components of the candle. My first candle can do to a glass, mug or vase. Vessel it is better to choose transparent with a large diameter, so it was convenient to lay out the jewelry, and the flame doesn't touch the edge of the tank. Glass must be durable.
One of the important components of a candle – wick, you can either buy ready-made or make from cotton lace. 3 lace the same size, you need to soak in a solution made from 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of boric acid and half a Cup of water. Then the laces are dried and rolled. To give a pleasant smell to the helium in the candle wick introduce many different aromatic components, such as orange or rose essential oil.
For making gel candles you need to purchase gelatin, tannin, glycerin and distilled water. Gelatin in an amount of 10 g is dissolved in 40 g of water, the observed proportion of 1:4. Then add 50 g of glycerin. To simmer the mixture must be heated to complete dissolution of components. Then 4 g of tannin in a separate container was dissolved in 20 g of heated on a slow fire of glycerol. The mixture will become cloudy, but if its a bit boil - it will become transparent like water. Next, you should mix the both mixtures in a single vessel. The finished gel can be painted with food dyes.
Do not be afraid of air bubbles in the resulting gel, after the manufacture of candles it is necessary to put in a Sunny place and the fine bubbles will gradually disappear.
Overheating gel , as it may become cloudy. Just before pouring the candle shape is desirable to heat in an oven, whereby the amount of air bubbles will decrease as there will be a strong temperature drop. Ready gel pour into a container neatly on the walls. To fill the gel candles better decorative materials which do not ignite.