Revise the diet, if it's linked to your dissatisfaction. Perhaps you just have very thin man. In this case try to eat more densely, to eat meat, protein foods.
Experiment with haircuts. If the narrow face are given to you by nature, you can make it thicker visually. This will help certain haircut or makeup. You can experiment yourself, but it is better to consult a professional beautician.
Try to use the method of sculpting or correction of an oval face. This is a fairly new procedure that is becoming more and more popular. It involves the proper applying different tonal resources in a certain way. Due to this, achieve different visual effects.
When sculpturing, usually used three different shades that form the basis of the tone under the skin color, the highlight color and the outline color. First apply color on the entire surface of the face and neck. Then apply the patches in those areas, which need to attract attention or to visually expand.
To make cheekbones somewhat thicker and give a person complete, use the special method of applying the blush. Apply them in the form of a circle on the apples of the cheeks. Also, blush should be applied all over the cheek in the form of eight, which is also on the apples.
Consider plastic surgery if you want radical changes. Although this method is extreme. It is best to be content with what nature has given. She doesn't like artificial incursions into its territory.