You will need
  • You will need a concealer, loose powder blush from a peach or pink shade, and also a special brush for application.
Apply on face cream. It needs to match the skin tone. You can use a special tool: a brush or sponge.
You can now proceed to the correction of the forehead and chin. If you have a high and wide forehead, then you darken it with a blush or powder of the appropriate shade, causing them along the hairline, and Scotch.
On the chin, if necessary, also apply a warm blush (peach) shade. However, be very careful and use a sponge for applying makeup make the transition as seamlessly as possible.
Next is to give the face volume, use a natural blush shades. To begin applying blush better from the bottom up, that is, the need to move from the center of cheeks to the cheeks or temples.