Pay attention to yourself. Have you noticed ever the appearance of special abilities? During human life there are various mysterious events that many do not pay attention. Maybe you always luck in critical situations. Sometimes it may not be simple luck. A psychic can always (even unconsciously) to resolve a dangerous situation for yourself. For a psychic, there is no randomness and luck.
Ask yourself, how often do you have déjà vu. Among psychologists and esoteric it is widely believed that the more of human life takes place déjà vu, the more he has special abilities. Can you influence the minds of people nearby. Try using your will and thoughts to direct them in a certain place. One of the simple and effective practices is the effect on the will of man to force him to turn on you. Try to mentally convince a passing person to turn on you, to stop, to turn aside. The more successful results, the more likely that you have psychic abilities.
Do you notice around yourself unusual? Many psychics can see spirits, ghosts, ghosts. This applies to the human aura. Skilled psychics can also "read" the aura, that is, to determine the character, mood and even the destiny of man. Perhaps you can feel the energy and the energy of the place. It also indicates the presence of special abilities.
Predicting the future and well-developed intuition also features any of the psychic. Some esoterics say that a psychic might be the only one who can predict events. Try to predict the outcome of a sports match, to "see" the plot of the book without reading it, but only touching. You may be able to predict even global events. Keep a journal of their predictions, to know exactly what happened, and what is not.