Even the simplest models of bags, crocheted, always attract attention. Complete with clothes and shoes they create a finished and stylish look.

There are very simple ways to tie a bag hook, making it the highlight of the outfit. One of these bags for a summer vacation can be linked, guided by the description for this master class.

Threads, materials and tools

For knitting bags, you can use any thread. But still a lot more practical would be the cotton or thread, firmly holding the shape of the final product. This is necessary in order to wear the bag is not stretched to the ground, bringing inconvenience and sorely losing.

Crochet hook, too, is subject to the fact that knitting is supposed as dense. What will only allow the selected thread, and the ability of the knitter to do a tight loop. Ideally, the hook should be half as thick selected thread.

Lining for the handbag best suited from a moving fabric, type of lining or satin.

Plastic rings or thick rope handles for bags made in the ring.

Two buttons to clasp the side of a future handbag.

How to knit a bag for summer rest

First of all, you need to determine the size of future bags. Beach bag can be a great, and a bag to carry the necessary things – a smaller size.

The pattern for the handbag is a rectangle. Fit this rectangle columns without nakida as dense loops to provide the necessary rigidity of the tape. On the long side made build and beautiful pleats are fixed by Beek. These borders, related polostevichi designed for a solid attachment of the bag's handles.

Handle bags are made of thick strong rope or plastic rings that tie rolikam of polytypical.

That's all the parts that you want to crochet.

Left to cut the lining equal to the size of the knitted square pattern bag.

Assembly bags

The future rectangle bag combined with the rectangle of lining fabric. In order not shifted parts of their smatyvay on the perimeter. Further, the long side joined together canvases are fixed with basting, forming decorative creases.

To the front side of the formed folds, manual, durable stitches sewn rectangles welts on their long side.

After the semi-open borders laid still tied handle bags, apricity side is attached to the reverse side of the bag invisible stitches. Borders on both sides must be sewed with strong thread and a very frequent stitches, in order to ensure a firm connection of all the parts bags for a vacation.

Decorating bags

It remains to sew the button to the side of the bag and come up with jewelry, if the design requires. As a decoration suitable large color beads, chains and knitted flowers and branches. Everything will be a harmonious ensemble with a summer outfit and shoes.

Based on such a simple bag for your summer vacation easy and pleasant to make some more bags that can be worn with every new dress or sundress, making your summer holiday even more enjoyable and colorful.