You will need
  • - copy of marriage certificate
  • - the documents proving the identity,
  • - signature of the defendant.
Statement on the dissolution of marriage is served jointly by both spouses. As a rule, it is necessary to specify:
- surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, citizenship, nationality, place of residence, place of birth;
the details of the marriage contract (certificate on conclusion of marriage);
- names that I want to leave the wife after dissolution of marriage;
- passport data.
Also contains copy of the claim with enclosed receipt for payment of registration fee. If you have minor children, specify their names and dates of birth. You also need to specify the date from which the marital relationship with the defendant can be considered terminated. The statement is sometimes prescribed reconciliation. If there are any property disputes or questions on the content of children, it must also be specified. Otherwise stated: "Disputes on the content of the children and determination of their place of residence do not exist – the children remain with the mother (father). Disputes about property are also missing."
With the claim about cancellation of the marriage, appeal to the magistrate of the plot, which spelled out the defendant. If a minor child lives with the plaintiff, it is possible to address also in the area. A statement signed by the two applicants jointly, and the date of its publication. If one of the spouses is not possible to be in the registry office a statement may be issued as two separate documents. However, the applicant's signature do not appear on the procedure certified by the notary and only then has power.
Further, the statement is recorded, and the dissolution of marriage occurs through a month in the presence of at least one of the spouses.