Advice 1: How to get rid of cysts without surgery

Causes of ovarian cysts in women of childbearing age, a lot. In younger women, the cyst may appear as a result of inflammatory process after exposure, wearing tight clothing on the thighs, and also in conjunction with some sexual infections. To treat a cyst (especially functional) can be conservative or traditional methods, without resorting to surgery.
How to get rid of cysts without surgery
You will need
  • - burdock;
  • - the herb elecampane;
  • - dry yeast;
  • - onions;
  • - med.
Treatment the cyst should be administered after a thorough examination by a gynecologist. Only he will determine the size of the lesion and its type. If the doctor diagnosed you have is functional cyst or a cyst of yellow body, then surgery is likely not needed. Most often, the therapy is hormonal with the inclusion of homeopathy.
If you have excess weight, then a mandatory condition of getting rid of cysts is to maintain diet to reduce weight and purpose of physical therapy. Getting rid of excess fat, you will be able to restore the disturbed hormonal balance.
You can turn to folk medicine that successfully cures functional (and sometimes organic) cysts. Very effective in cystic and cysts juice of burdock. To do this, take the stems and leaves of plants and rinse them well. Then grind everything in a meat grinder and squeeze juice. Pour it into a convenient container and leave for 4-5 days. Juice, take in the amount of two tablespoons before bed and in the morning for eight weeks.
From the cyst , it does not and elecampane, grass which can be purchased at any pharmacy. In a three-liter bottle of boiled water with a scoop (tablespoon) of dry yeast and 30 g of elecampane root (well washed). Two days soak the composition in a dark place and take it 100 ml after meals (at least three times a day) until the contents of the tank will not end. After you can do a three-week break and resume treatment.
Within 10 days for the night put the honey-onion tampons, which are also effective for inflammation of the ovaries. Take the head light bulb of onion (medium size). Cut out the core 1-2 cm in diameter. In the morning place it in a container of natural honey so that the bulb was completely covered with them. In the evening, when the onions are fed with honey, make a tampon by wrapping tightly the core of the onion in cheesecloth and drop it into the vagina until the morning. If you put onion tampons at least 10 days, the cyst may disappear without additional hormone treatment.

Advice 2: How to cure the cyst without surgery

In recent statistics women your gynecologist disappointing. Increasingly, they are not treated prophylactically, but in order to cure a certain disease. Many factors can lead to the malfunction of the ovary: poor diet, stress, various inflammatory processes, abortion, and much more. In the end, the woman hears a disappointing diagnosis – ovarian cyst.
How to cure the cyst without surgery
The cyst is – a neoplasm that appears after failure of the ovaries. Today, there are several varieties of this disease. But in any case the cyst are best treated with surgical intervention. If you want to avoid such procedures, you should consult with your doctor who will help you to choose the treatment. It's possible that will be enough to go through hormonal course with birth control pills.
The first symptoms of the occurrence of the cysts are nagging pains in the abdomen. The fact that the tumor disturbs the walls of the ovary, irritating nearby nerve endings.
Numerous acne, greasy hair, fast hair growth over the body and other unusual things also indicate problems with the ovary. At this stage, the doctor can easily detect the cyst by means of special treatment and diagnostic equipment. While modern devices allow you to avoid surgery. This fact is especially important for those women who plan to have children.
The procedure for removal of the cysts without surgery is performed the following way. After the detection of tumors using ultrasound, a doctor inserts into the cavity of the cyst, the special puncture needle, which is attached to the conductor. From the cyst is drained off all of the content that is later sent for examination. And to connect the capsule wall of the cyst, the cavity is injected a little bit of ethanol.
Draw your attention to the fact that this treatment is very effective. In addition, the fluid that was drained from the cyst and sent for review allows you to avoid the relapse of the disease. More and more doctors are leaning towards the use of this treatment method ovarian cyst.
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