You will need
  • - a set of wrenches and bits;
  • - the lever (crowbar, a small crowbar, etc.) for manual "crank" of the camshaft;
  • - torque wrench;
  • - feeler gauge for measuring clearances;
  • instruction manual for KAMAZ (IE).
Close the fuel supply and carefully remove the hatch in the lower part of the housing for manual rotation of the crankshaft) and covers of the cylinder heads. Do not damage the gasket. Check with a torque wrench tighten the bolts to the cylinder block (19-21 kg/m).
Install flywheel end of the crankcase in a lower position. It is necessary to delay the lock and deploy the flywheel 90 degrees. Install the crankshaft in the position which corresponds to fuel injection at the 1-and 5-cylinder engine (see drawings and additional guidance in the IE). The crankshaft must scroll lever when inserting it into the hole located on the outer surface of the flywheel.
Check the tightness of the nuts on the posts of fixing the adjustable rocker arms of cylinders (4,2-5,4 kg/m). If necessary, retighten. Check the clearance between the valve tip and the rocker toe. The clearance should be such that a feeler gauge of 0.25 for the feed valve and 0.35 for prom, passed freely, and 0.3 and 0.4 and with stress. If the clearance does not meet these parameters, then adjust it using adjusting screws. Torque the correcting screw should be by 3.4-4.2 kgf/m.
Start the engine and listen to how it works. With proper adjustment of valves no knocks and unusual noises in the engine timing should not be. Reinstall the dismantled lid of the cylinder heads and Lucas Carter.