Tie the product to be supplemented collar Alcoi. It can be absolutely any thing, to both men and women, as children and adults. This can be a dress, jacket, pullover, sweater, vest, jacket, etc.
Prepare for a collar thread of the desired color. Note, however, that the collar-Schalke may be the same color, as the product itself, differ in tone (turquoise blue, green-green etc.) or be a completely different color.
When choosing different colors for collar and of the product, we recommend you finish to do not only collarthe team, but also, for example, cuffs, decorative ornament (pattern), rubber band etc. the Perfect combination of shades for this will be red and black, blue and yellow, gray and orange and more.
Prepare the spokes with fishing line. On such spokes are the easiest to purl into the curve of the collar. However, you should know that the knitting takes place in straight rows and not a circle. If this kind of spits in your home is not found, you can use an ordinary straight knitting needles, however, be aware that in this case, the knit collar of this type would be much more difficult.
Stitch the shoulder seams of his work.
Tie front collar with the right neckline (a-line or square cut).
Type of boundary loops loops the neck. However, a gain loop mid front.
Provarite set of edge loops so that the first loop was one loop of the strap, the second two loops, the third three, etc. and Then tie several rows directly depending on the size of the product and collar.
Vivarte cropped rows of the extension collar of the desired size and then close the loop, promazyvaya straight rows. So, proverite the whole collar-to us at the above principle.
Sew the finished collarthe team to the middle of the cutout so that the edges of the collar overlap.
The product with collar Alcoi ready.
Try on your outfit and proud of the work.