You will need
  • diagram any shawls;
  • - the spokes;
  • - threads;
  • sample;
  • - a pair of scissors.
To start knitting a shawl knitting, select the model you like. For the first time stop look to more simple schemes. Carefully read all the symbols. If something remains unclear, check with the tutorial on knitting. The first condition for well-done things is the correct decryption scheme and strict adherence to it.
Purchase a specified quantity of yarn and suitable size needles. Try not to replace the bone on the principle of "and these will go down." The number of loops required weight yarn, knitting needles originally designed for the specified type of thread. Craftswomen rich practice of their own can afford and to withdraw from the scheme, and to pick their own accessories. Just starting to knit shawls knitting it is recommended that you adhere to the specified data.
Tie a small sample of the pattern from purchased materials. This will help you determine the correct tension and position of the filament during operation. Also on the sample try to purl the basic pattern of the shawl. Pay attention to the recommended to gain and to secure loops when knitting for the scheme. When you run the sample adhere to instructions. If these steps seem difficult, it is better to choose a different scheme for knitting shawls knitting. If successful, a sample with a pattern, be prepared to start work.
Type specified in the schema, the number of loops. Please note that this figure does not include the usual first and last loops. So the loops you have should be "specified in the schema+2". At the end of the set, if scored on two spokes, then remove one turn and start knitting yourself. Main loop you must be in the left hand and the free needle in your right. Start knitting the shawl, clearly following defined in the schema notation.