You will need
  • The execution of these works will require a basic knowledge of radio engineering,the techniques of measuring instrument (tester, ohmmeter), as well as skill with a screwdriver, soldering iron, pliers.
Determine with technical documentation or schematics, what is the function of variable resistor in the device (adjustable resistance or potentiometer). Install using the specification or calculation method of the nominal value/value of the variable resistance and type. Then select the proper type and the value of variable resistoror its equivalent.
Test it using the meter measuring resistance (ohmmeter) find the output, which changes the resistance. It is called "slider".
Produce switching of the contacts, a variable resistorbut in accordance with her function: connect the contact of the slider a resistorand one of the two remaining findings to obtain the variable resistorand or use all the conclusions of the resistorand to use it as a potentiometer.
Install the device in the device or on mounting plate and connect it conclusions in accordance with the concept. Check that the values of the fuse links (fuses), and enable compliance with safety standards the device to check its efficiency.