Lovers dissolved in each other, ready to spend time together all day, can not imagine life without each other. When the relationship cooled, constant closeness begins to pall, I want to devote more time to his beloved. If your young person constantly finds reasons not to be with you, it should alert you. Of course, no need to panic, maybe he's got a lot of work, or family problems, but you never know what might distract him. But the frequent absences with friends without you is not a good sign.
Another bell should be the unwillingness of your favorite men to make plans for the future. Of course, the rare guy every day to discuss your future family life, children and grandchildren. And talking about marriage scare many. But if a man does not want to discuss even a joint vacation soon or plan parties and entertainment, it is clearly sure that together you will not do it.
Men by nature are polygamous - that is a fact, and to discuss a beautiful woman, or to look after the long-legged blonde no man is not considered shameful. However, active communication with other women, especially with one particular, you should be alerted. Even seemingly harmless online relationships can lead to real relations, which will destroy your idyll. Suspicion needs frequent and long phone conversations with women, business Lunches with a colleague of the female sex, attending night clubs and bars without you.
Loving man always ready to please his girlfriend. He gives her flowers, gifts, candy, cards with romantic captions. When the feelings of men grow cold, he forgets about it. Yes, and spending money on a woman you don't plan to continue the relationship they think is kind of stupid. This is especially true of men from the fields of business and relationships with women is considered one of the forms of investment, contribution to a happy future.
Planning a life together with the woman, the man generally resigned to the need to communicate with relatives of the future wife. He tries to please parents, to find a common language with our brothers and sisters. When he is not in the plans long Association with you, he's not looking for communication with your loved ones. And to introduce a temporal passion with your family is not going to.