Appearing in the team, for a long time and works as a team, be welcoming and friendly. In that case, if you were officially presented to the personnel Department or the leadership, introduce yourself. Brief and business-like name surname, name and patronymic, the position you will occupy. Do not be offended that you didn't pay much attention. It is possible that the production process is in full swing, and your colleagues just once.
The head unit will tell you about the duties that you perform. The first few days ' time you will give to the acquaintance. Try to devote not only to the stories about his personal life curious colleagues. Examine the detailed documentation, understand and hearken to the essence of those questions that you will solve.
Quietly look to the team, you will understand who is the informal leader. As a rule, these people or people who are more literate. Ask them the questions that you seemed unclear. There is nothing wrong with what they you have any. On the contrary, your employees will be pleased to share with you the professional knowledge and peculiarities of technological processes, which are their know-how.
Refer to unspoken rules of conduct in this team. Should not criticize the rules that seem illogical, yet you should adhere to them strictly. On your questions about you and your privacy don't answer in monosyllables, but don't want to devote colleagues in all of its intricacies and troubles.
Arrange a joint dinner, ordered a pizza, do not refuse offers to participate in the lunch or to greet one of the employees. No offense to the teasing, which is sometimes adopted in the existing or youth groups, take everything with a grain of humor.
Be all smooth, do not forget to say thank you to those colleagues who help you with a new job and to join the team. Learn the technology thoroughly, look, analyze. If you will have a thorough knowledge of business issues, you may have some ideas about how to improve performance or facilitate the work of your colleagues. Express these sentences, but from a position of criticism, but as my point of view, justifying it to understand the logic. Refer to the advice of colleagues who have helped you have a good understanding of the production process.