Look more smooth natural surface, where there are deep ruts and big hills, because it is fraught with injuries.
The dimensions of the field are important as well. For a normal soccer field the optimum size is 90-120 meters in length with a width of 45-95 meters.
But if you just want to play for fun, not exhausting at the same time to breakdown, you need to calculate the appropriate proportions, for example, reducing them by 20-30 meters. Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that the field still needs to retain the outline of the rectangle, and the lateral line should be longer than the goal line.
So, if a site is chosen and you are happy with its location and size, it's time to do the markup. What football field without marked playing areas.
You can also use a bright (usually white) paint or sand, if you paint there. The width of the lines should be approximately 12 cm And the width of the line included in the playing area, which is limited. That is, the border is only the outer contour lines. This rule was developed in football to avoid controversial issues when leaving the sword outside of the box or a penalty box.
Note on your field, the sideline, the goal line and the middle line, which will divide the field into equal halves. To do this, measure the length of the field meter or steps, the oldest and proven method. And mark the center of the field, which will be played on the ball, circled his circle of radius 10 cm.
Usually, the football field lawn consists of several layers: a substrate of sand and gravel. And then is applied on top of turf, which brought in rolls.
But since your football field from natural origin, remember that the grass is not vytaplivaete, it is impossible to play more than two times a week, otherwise you will have to run the ball on the dusty ground.