You will need
  • Money, Internet, printed directories of organizations.
Usually information about the organization, not pertaining to confidential information, you can get the tax office, sending inquiry of the established sample and paying the state fee. But the tax data about the title alone may not be enough, and you will need to know the rated firm, the main state registration number (OGRN) and a taxpayer identification number (TIN).
If you do not know these numbers, or you just need to know the address of the company, then you can do the following: use the search on the Internet. A number of official sites such as www.egrul.ruallow you to quickly search. There are similar regional sites. Fill in the form posted on the website, press "Find" and, if such firm is valid and if the entered information is sufficient, you will get a brief statement.
Refer to the Datasheet of the city where located you are interested in the organization. Complications can occur if several firms of the same name, so it is desirable to know the location, the name of the owner or at least the industry in which the firm operates.
Look you need organization in special printed catalogs or on web sites that contain information about the enterprises of the city. Systematization is almost always carried out by industry and in alphabetical order, so finding the right organization is not difficult.
It's more complicated if the organization has changed the form of ownership, location. It usually comes unscrupulous businessmen who wish to evade taxes or hide from the court. So if you are looking for an organization with the purpose of solving conflicts, it is better to apply to court and hire a lawyer.