In this part of the analytical notes you should point to the importance of the issue for which appeal to the head. Clearly specify the reasons for his concern, evaluate the organization of the damage. List the sources of information and methods of analysis that you used. Determine the maximum allowable time to solve problems.
For example, you are the head of sales of advertising space in the magazine. In the last three months the volume of sold advertising is gradually reduced, while your employees work. Do you understand the reason, but to resolve the situation alone can not.
In the introduction write analytical notes about what you found a decrease in the level of sales, conducted the analysis of the situation (checked the plans and reports of the Department, talked with each employee, organized an internal meeting), worked for specific ideas and submit to the head.
The main part
Here you need as much detail as possible to consider all aspects of the problem and each of them offer a good solution.
Highlight the text of the subsections by the number of sentences, entitling them short, but clear. In each state the first negative direction, then in fact the essence of the changes and the expected logistic costs and the allocation of responsibilities among employees.
Arrange the sentences according to the degree of descending order of importance or in chronological order.
Give as many details as possible. This will show a high degree of ownership of the situation and elaboration of the problem. List the arguments and supporting calculations. You can also refer to positive experiences, well-known in this field.
To improve the objectivity of the analytical reports provide data (information) obtained from other structural divisions of the organization.
In the above example, the main part of the analytical report may contain a proposal to introduce a new subject categories "home appliances". For this heading will be found the advertisers for a long period. To create texts of advertising and information character is supposed to involve staff journalists.
It can also be a proposal on the allocation of employees of the Department of the official car to visit remote client sites, which will reduce losses of working time and travel costs. This thesis is confirmed with the calculations, obtained in the accounting Department.
Formulate the main conclusions for each subsection of the main part. However, direct repetition of the main text try to avoid. At the same time ensure that the text of the opinion is not revealed suddenly, clauses that are not specified in the main part.
Be brief but convincing. One conclusion cannot contradict another. And all of them should be logical and contain a positive Outlook for the near future.
In the final part of already considered example, will contain a conclusion about the effect of new sections to increase advertising sales. The forecast figures may look like this: it is planned to involve 5 advertisers for a period of 6 months with a budget of 50 thousand.
Additional materials collected in a special section, will increase the accuracy of your statements, let me illustrate the above information. Application to place tables, graphs, charts, and other visual material.