Analyze financial and economic activity of the enterprise for the last reporting period. Read the articles of income and expenses that were accepted for tax accounting. Determine the cause of the loss of the company, which will be recognized as valid in the tax office.
Justify the loss of the fact that the company is new and needs to conduct certain measures for development. As a rule, this reason is a valid justification for the excess of expenditure over income. Be sure to check that the activities of the company's established business plan; specify the accounting period in which the expected profit.
Will notify that the company has decided to develop a new production or reconstruction of fixed assets. In this regard, temporarily decreased sales volumes and increased costs. If the company has previously registered in tax inspection as stably operating, then such an explanation will be made with understanding.
Specify that in this reporting period, the company lost an important counterparty, which provided the company a greater portion of the profits. Tell them that you have taken steps to find new customers, which could increase the profitability of the company.
Refer to the increase of competitiveness due to the temporary reduction in product prices. This factor can cause of the excess of expenditure over income and education loss, but will perceive the tax office as a good reason. It is necessary to report about the achieved or planned outcomes that will lead to increased profits in future periods.
Write an explanation to the head of territorial tax Department. Give the reason why the education of the loss and provide the items of income and expenditure that have influenced this result. If it is decided that the loss ratio is unreasonable, the IRS may take a decision on the site inspection.