If you put this program on your computer, you will need to fill in first reference with the specific situation and your needs. Reference directories, you will be able to enter, edit and store information on all materials used.
When filling the list, you must specify the material name, its units, price per unit and the section to which this material – "tools", "building materials" or "finishing", it will allow you after filling out the estimates to know what the cost estimated costs for each section. A list of topics you can change, add, edit. It is necessary that each material is reflected in the estimate were assigned to a specific section.
Separately filled guides running on the estimate of the work. They are populated by the same principle as reference materials indicating the name of work, units of measure and cost per this unit. Work can also be bound to a specific section – "building work", "finishing works".
After filling directories start filling estimates. If you use the Express quotes from the Internet, all necessary directories are there already filled in. To fill out a quote in the programme or Express the estimates on the Internet you need to fill out a form for each room in the apartment or house. To Express the estimates you will be offered a ready set of building and finishing materials taking into account the specifics of each room – bath, kitchen, living room. In a conventional program for the calculation of estimates, or in spreadsheets, you can choose the materials that are required for each premises from the previously entered directory.
Noting the materials selected, fill in the column "area" or "number" then in the "value" will be the amount needed to purchase the construction material. Thus, after you complete the entire estimate, you will receive the total estimated cost of the upcoming repairs.