You will need
  • - Soil;
  • - Fertilizers;
  • Seeds;
  • Water;
  • - Shovel;
  • - Watering.
Dig a flower bed. If the fall has not brought the manure to fertilize the soil with compost earth or humus. Also under digging is recommended making nitrogenous fertilizers. For example, 3-4 g of urea for each sqm of land and have a positive impact on the growth of onions – no matter a feather or a turnip you grow.
Plant seeds of onionsintended for getting green. The distance between the grooves should be at least 30 cm as the seeds are quite small to avoid dense plantings, it is recommended to mix with river sand. Farming of onionsgrown on the pen is reduced to a generous watering with the loosening of row spacing and holding fortnightly fertilizing with organic fertilizers. Alternate infusion fermented weeds and manure muck. Well as green onions you can get, landed ordinary bulbs purchased at the grocery store, bridge way.
Prepare onion sets. (To grow a turnip – you can plant seeds and wait two years. But in terms of non-Chernozem zone it is better to make use of this agricultural technology.) For training sets makes sense to select good healthy bulbs, incision of the cervix is dry, soak the onion in a weak solution of humic fertilizer for 2-3 hours and put on tucked in humus seedbed. Row spacing is 20-30 cm between plants in a row 10-15 cm If you want to get the best and high product quality – do not cut off the feather. Let him sagelat, and all the nutrients go to the bulb.
Purchase seedlings of perennial chives-onion. It is a small onion, and a thin feather, but since growing a Bush, the yield of chives-onion is one of the highest. Another quality for which chives gardeners appreciate the early regrowth. Usually in April or may, you can get a flavorful and healthy greens to the table. To grow chives, should take a responsible approach to the preparation of the soil, because the plant is planted for 5-7 years. When planting, cut the aboveground part, leaving a "stump" of 2-3 cm. Plant breeding method (in each slot 5-6 onions). Be sure to pour and cover for a couple of days dark film to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Chives grows well in slightly shaded areas, likes frequent watering and responsive on dressing with organic fertilizers.