You will need
  • - proper diet;
  • charge;
  • - water treatments;
  • run;
  • - dancing;
  • - a fitness club;
  • - sports games.
For a start, consider food and diet. If necessary, pick the personalized diet. Refrain from fatty foods, sweets and don't eat before bedtime. Divide your meals five to six times a day in small portions. So it is much better absorbed and much less stress on the body. Watch out for the water balance, drink at least two liters of water. Try to quit eating after six in the evening, eat as much fruit and vegetables raw.
Each day by getting out of bed in the morning, do the exercises. She whacks drowsiness, strengthen the body and will keep you in good shape the rest of the day. Charging should take no less than fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Poprisedayte, jump, do some leg swings, paratwada hands, wiggle the press. All exercises do stress, if you just stand there and feebly waving his arms and legs, no benefit it will bring. After charging a great continuation for you will be a douche.
If you want to create a beautiful body - don't forget about running. Select a distance not shorter than two kilometres. Start Jogging slowly, expect their forces to make them last for the whole distance. To start run once a week, at any convenient time of the day. Then after some time, it will be possible to run two or three times a week.
Join a fitness club or dancing. These classes include yoga, belly dance, aerobics and other exercises that can help increase muscle tone. If you visit these institutions don't have the time, turn on your favorite music and dance at home. A dance class will not only strengthen the muscles but will give you cheerfulness and good mood.
Play more sports games in the fresh air. Football, beach volleyball will help you to not only get in good shape, but will take a lot of pleasure. In addition, playing sports games, you completely forget about the fact that doing physical exercise.