You will need
  • computer, Internet
The easiest way is to remove the program from your PC. Log in to the operating system using an account with administrator rights. In "start menu" select "add or remove programs and start uninstalling the "Censor". In the removal process, you will need to enter the password you received by email when you install and register the program. Thus, the outsider can not just remove "Internetcensor" from the computer.
Start removing the program through the file "Uninstall" located in the folder where you have installed "Internet Censor". In any case, you will need to enter a special password, and after the operation is complete, restart the computer. Up to this point, the new settings will not take effect.
If you do not have access to the account "Administrator" or for some reason you have any difficulty with its operation, try to log in via safe mode. If the system is inadequately protected or there is a failure, then a password is not required. Try to remove "Internetcensor" one of the methods described above.
In "<url>" included standard database, which compiles and automatically updates the Creator of the program. But beyond that, the user through the settings can edit the "black" and "white" lists. Ie do not have to remove the entire program. Just drag and drop the sites you want from the prohibited list to the allowed list.
"Internetcensor", as well as antivirus programs can be temporarily disabled, but, again, we need access to program settings and knowledge of passwords. "<url>" created for safe use of the Internet, so its editing and deleting is difficult, unlike other computer programs.