Calm down. Two minutes do not think about anything at all and don't do anything. Can increase this period of complete inactivity, but not necessarily. The main thing – to remove all thoughts, necessary and unnecessary. Close your eyes so that visual impressions do not distract you. Even better would be if the place where you are isolated from all sounds, pleasant and unpleasant.
Repeat this exercise, clearing the mind from all thoughts immediately, every time their will be too much. Calming down and regaining balance, proceed to the next step.
Take a notebook and pen. Remember all the things that you need to do write them. Then place them in several lists: important and urgent important and not urgent, unimportant, possible. Evaluate the case objectively, do not put in the first column that you can do it later, postpone.
The first break of the important things on several stages. To commence the case, stage by stage. Don't think about anything else until you perform the first case from the list. Then just split into stages and do the other things, not being distracted by anything else. Waste your energy on completing only one case, give all the side and optional. Be careful and concentrated.
Look around, pay special attention to your workplace. Do all the things that are on it will be helpful to you? Do all the things you will need are at arm's length? Just as you have recently emptied your head, now take out all from the Desk. The debris then throw away, once things spread out on the ground, need to leave in order to used often tools were nearby, used rarely distance. Always keep this order in the work, don't be lazy immediately remove the used item in its place.