You will need
  • Board;
  • stone;
  • - nails;
  • - hammer;
  • roulette.
Very often the situation with the stairs there is a very poor. During the construction of the frame house many builders, even if it is the master of the house, I prefer to make the stairs-the outhouse. And then, after completion of construction work, you simply decide to sheathe a tree, not further processing. But, in fact, make it almost impossible, because to customize the items to an already standing structure is problematic.
An important rule in the manufacture of the ladder to properly position it in space. If you want to make a ladder for a big house where a lot of space, it is better to choose a monolithic concrete structure. If the site plan you have limited space, then it is better to give preference to spiral or U-shaped models with a separate triangular steps. The optimal tilt angle of a ladder should be 35-40 degrees, but the main thing - not more than 45 degrees. The width of a March should be at least 800 mm.
Don't forget to think about and mount the stairs to the surfaces. If the wall is far away from her, the ladder should be secured top and bottom. To do this, use only metal fasteners. Otherwise it will rattle and creak. Since the manufacturing steps you need to take into account its functional safety, then it must have protection in the form of handrails. To strengthen the handrails experts recommend railing, the distance between which shall not exceed 15 mm, and their height should be not less than 850 mm. is Ideal from the point of view of safety, the steps are of a width of 250-300 mm.
How to build stairs on <strong>the country</strong>
Also note the material from which made your ladder. Classic version - wood and stone. However, if you are going to install in your house stone staircase, don't forget to cover it with additional material (e.g., carpet) for additional safety. Acquire materials only need to be proven in the field: where for the quality I can vouch for, and all done according to the standards. If you take the finished part out of wood, check that they have been glued several layers of wood. This will help to avoid deformation and the emergence of various cracks.
How to build stairs on <strong>the country</strong>