You will need
    • Trout
    • salt
    • black pepper
    • Bay leaf
    • the stems of dill and Basil
    • parsley root or celery
    • the dry mixture "Provence herbs".
    • Potatoes
    • carrots
    • medium-sized onion.
    • Optional: a slice of sharp cheese or raw egg.
Getting started: first clean the fish. Trout should be thoroughly washed: her scales are covered with a layer of mucus and if the mucus not to wash (or scrape off), the fish will constantly slip out of your hands. Scales from trout to large, lagging is relatively easy, to clean it just from the tail to the head. By cleaning, gutting, remove the entrails, air bladder, remove the internal film.
Cut the trout crosswise in slices, the thickness is arbitrary, but the experience is better if no more than 2 inches thick. The head cut very close to the gills, on the tail leave 5-10 centimeters. Whether to use the head in the ear – a matter of taste; there are, incidentally, a special recipe fish soup of heads and tails.
Now prepare the water. In a large pot with a thick bottom pour water about 2/3 full. Add to it salt, black pepper (3-4 pieces), two or three (depending on the size of the pan) medium-sized Bay leaves. You can throw in the stalks of dill and Basil, parsley root or celery, dry mix "Provencal herbs".Bring water to a boil (the saucepan is best to close at this time cap). While the water heats, take based on liter – medium potato and half a medium carrot. Potatoes and carrots clean, cut into small cubes (edge 1-2 cm). You can run in ear medium-sized onion, it is best to omit entirely, clean off only the top layer of husk and rinse thoroughly.
When the water boils, put fish and onion. About five minutes to cook the fish on high heat, if necessary, removing the foam. Then reduce the fire, throw potatoes, carrots, under the lid cook for 20 minutes, stir very carefully, better with a wooden spoon. Some gourmets at the end of cooking to dissolve in your ear the slice of sharp cheese or egg.To determine the readiness for potato or carrot - if the cube of potatoes or carrots can be easily pierced with a wooden toothpick or a match, the ear is ready. Before use, the bulb should be extracted from the soup.