You will need
    • Buckwheat 200g
    • water 600 ml
    • salt
    • black peppercorns 3-4 pieces
    • Bay leaf 1-2 pieces
    • carrots 1 piece
    • onions 2 pieces
    • greens 1 bunch
    • flour 1 tablespoon
    • tomato paste 2 tablespoons
    • tomatoes 1 piece
    • garlic 3 cloves
    • pan 1 piece
    • pan 1 piece
    • sieve with a fine sieve 1 piece
To cook buckwheat with sauce, take grits and rinse it under warm running water. It is advisable to repeat this procedure at least three or four times. Then dry and place it on the table. Collect clean, unbroken grains of light brown color, black specks and debris will be thrown out.
Then take a large pot and pour into it clean water. Put the saucepan on medium heat and bring to a boil. Put salt, Bay leaf and black pepper. Then pour buckwheat and boil on low heat, not stirring, and not closing the lid on until complete evaporation of water.
Buckwheat remove from heat and put on the table. Wrap the pan with a warm scarf and leave it on for a couple of hours. During this time groats to steam, and will be crumbly and ready to eat.
To prepare the gravy for buckwheat take the carrots, peel its skin and grate on a fine grater. Onion free from scales and cut on a cutting Board with a sharp knife. Onions should be cut very finely, as an alternative, you can grate it on a grater.
Take a large frying pan and set it on a medium heat and add to the flour and fry it until Golden brown. Then remove from heat and add to the pan butter, put two tablespoons of tomato paste and pour ½ liter of water. Stir the mixture and let it boil.
Tomatoes wash under running water and scald with boiling water, remove the skins and cut into small cubes. Then add the vegetables to the pan and simmer until fully cooked. When the tomatoes become soft, add the onions and carrots and simmer until evaporate all the liquid.
Then finely chop peeled garlic and herbs and add to the contents of the pan, pour 100ml of water and simmer until boiling. Remove the pan from the heat and cool.
Take a sieve fine sieve and place the mixture, wipe twice and put back in the pan. Bring to a boil over low heat. Buckwheat with gravy served with fresh vegetables and herbs.