You will need
    • 1kg raspberries;
    • 1.5 kg of sugar;
    • 2.5 cups of water;
    • cookware for jam;
    • bowl to collect the foam;
    • tablespoon or slotted spoon for stirring jam and collection of foam.
Wash the berries well. If the fruits are white grubs, berries dip for 10-15 minutes in 1.5-2% solution of salted cold water.
From 1.5 kg of sugar and 2.5 cups water boil sugar syrup. To do this, pour sugar in a saucepan and cover with water, put on medium heat and stirring occasionally. Once the sugar is completely dissolved syrup bring to a boil. After 1-2 minutes remove the dishes from heat. The syrup is ready.
Berries raspberries put in a bowl, pour the sugar syrup, stir and over medium heat bring to a boil.
Jam cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Skim off the foam. Then cool to 20-25°.
Again boil the jam for 8-10 minutes. Constantly remove the foam. Leave to cool for 10-15 minutes. Again boil the jam until tender.
The readiness of the jam is determined on the grounds of:
- excessive foaming stops, and lots of jam with the same fire power, begins to boil slowly;
- syrup with a spoon dripping thick and a thin stream;
- trial batch of jam, place on a plate, if the syrup will not flow away, jam is ready;
the pelvis remove from heat, the boiling stops, and the surface of the jam covered with wrinkled thin film.
The finished jam to cool, by placing a bowl of jamm or banks under a stream of cold running water.