To go on leave for pregnancy and maternity is possible from 30 weeks of pregnancy. And in that case, if you are expecting twins, 28 weeks pregnant and two weeks earlier. Take advantage of this opportunity. While in the antenatal clinic should be issued a certificate of incapacity.
Sick leave may be granted for a period of 140 calendar days. Of which 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 after. In the case of a multiple pregnancy period will be 194 calendar days (84 days – before the birth and 110 after).
Prenatal and postnatal leave should be decorated on one form sheet of disability.
In the line "to Specify the cause of incapacity" must be underlined the words "leave for pregnancy and childbirth" and the date of birth.
In the row of "Mode" must be specified "outpatient + inpatient".
In the "Liberation from work" one line specifies the duration of 140 calendar days" or "calendar day 194".
Since 2011 the Federal Law "On compulsory social insurance against temporary incapacity for work in connection with motherhood" was amended, which changed the procedure for calculating a hospital.
To calculate sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth reference period for 730 days prior to the year in which they hospital, including temporary inefficiency in this period. Previously considered only really spent the days.
When calculating the average earnings includes all types of payments and other compensations in favour of the insured persons who are charged premiums in the FSS.
Average earnings, in this case, for each year considered in the amount not exceeding the limit value base for calculating insurance contributions to the social insurance Fund. All years prior to 2011, this database was 415000 rubles.
The data are summarized. The resulting figure must be divided by 730, without deducting any days when you did not work. So we get the average daily earnings.
CLE = (СЗ_год1 + СЗ_год2)/730
The total amount to be paid shall be determined by multiplying the average daily wage for the number of days specified in the certificate of incapacity (or 194 140)
If two years before receiving sick leave in case of pregnancy earnings were absent or below the minimum wage (SMIC), the allowance for pregnancy and maternity is calculated from the amount of the minimum wage
CLE minimum = 24 months * minimum wage/730
In accordance with the Federal Law "On minimum wage" No. 82-FZ of 19 June 2000, 1 June 2011, the size of the minimum wage amounted to 4611 rubles.
In regions where fitted raising factors to a salary, the benefit is paid from their account.
In 2011, the maximum amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth (if pregnancy is not a multiple) will be 159178,08 rubles
The amount of the benefit=(415000+415000)/730*140
If a woman at the time of occurrence of pregnancy busy working formally in several places, and in two prior years worked there, the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth is payable for all places of work. That is, the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth , it is possible to obtain several sick leave (for main job and second job). At each place of work do not count income received from another employer.
If the leave for pregnancy and childbirth began in 2010, the benefit will be calculated under the old rules (before the changes), and in 2011, the accounting Department needs to make a conversion from 01.01.2011 to new rules for the period, which accounts for sick leave in 2011. If according to new calculations, the average daily wage will be greater, the benefit shall be increased, if less – allowance previously paid will not change.