Unfortunately, increased oiliness of skin and rashes on it can be annoying not only to Teens but also to young people and girls who have been out of puberty. Moreover, some of these people, as well as many cosmetologists and dermatologists consider that in the summer in Sunny weather, the condition of the skin problem can only get worse. Whether so it actually?

How the sun affects acne and oily skin?

Indeed, if carried out in the heat all day and not produce timely cleansing of the skin, its condition can only worsen. This will result in attempts to disguise the pimples, causing the skin thick layer of Foundation or hiding the forehead of the thick long bangs. In the heat of the skin on "hidden" so the areas of the face not breathe, clogged pores, excessively produced sebum, and as a result face a lot of new pimples. The same applies to synthetic clothing – wearing in the hot summer days can cause of acne on back and chest.

If desired, you can organize your stay in the sunlight, in accordance with certain rules, and this will result in drying of the pimples on the sun and skin improvement. Generally ultraviolet light can have a positive impact on the condition of the skin problem really and to be even more effective than scrubs, masks and lotions. As a result you get back from vacation with a completely clean face.

As sunbathing to dry the pimples on the sun?

First of all, don't forget that from 11 to 16 hours it is better not to be in the sun. Its rays in this period of time, particularly aggressive, and ignoring this rule, you risk in addition to earn more pimples and sunburn. If you are outdoors at this time, be sure to protect your face by wearing a cap or Panama.

Despite the recommendations before going to the beach to put on the face cream with SPF-filter, do not do this if your skin is prone to increased oiliness and promote acne and comedones. No matter how light and weightless not call your cream manufacturer, in any case it creates on the face of a thin film, beneath which the skin does not breathe. Be sure to moisturize your skin as often as possible in order that the face did not sweat. For this approach the thermal water, special cooling sprays or plain mineral water.

Do not sunbathe in direct sunlight and in the shade or under an umbrella. So you get the beauty of your skin the amount of ultraviolet radiation and will not heat the skin.

Follow the rules of tan, and soon you will see in the mirror tanned beauty with perfectly clean skin.