This method is suitable if your video is small in size. In this case, you just zip up the video file and send it by mail. Pre-check the limit on sending files to your box it should not exceed the size of the video. When archiving, it is desirable to set the maximum stepeni compression. Attach the file to the body of the email and send it to the recipient.
In order to share video with friends, fill it at the service of viewing videos online Sign up on the website, or sign in if your email is registered on the domain Using the form, upload your videos upload your video file, and then copy the link to the page with it. Send a link to the text of the letter to the addressee.
Also, you can take the advantage of such a service, as It does not need to register, just go to the above address, and then click on "upload file". After that, compress the file you want to send, set a password for extraction. Using the boot menu, select the file you want to upload and wait for the download to complete. You will be given two links: one for file management, and the second to boot. Copy the second link and send it in a letter.