The harmonious combination of interior doors and does not mean that the color of the floor and the door leaf must be the same. It is possible to use contrasting colors. Also a common misconception that the color of the doors and furniture must match. No design rules on this subject do not exist. You can choose a neutral shade door, which imperceptibly flow into the interior, you can use bright, saturated colors and keep them window frames and baseboards. There is another option – to install in the apartment the same color Windows and doors. Solutions are many, and the right will tell you the taste, understanding of beauty and imagination.
Focus first on the General style of the interior of the apartment, and then consider the style separate rooms. Don't forget that doors in common areas (Lounges, hallways, corridors), and you cannot violate their integrity. It is therefore desirable in the entire apartment to the same door. This task becomes more difficult when all rooms are decorated differently, but even in this case, it is possible to find a solution: for example, use neutral shades of light wood, which perfectly fit into any interior.
If the whole apartment is decorated in the same style, you are provided with more opportunities for experimentation. For classical, ethno - or country design with warm colors with a hint of reddishness. Dark wood give the home comfort, cool colors ideal for a minimalist space. The apartments have modern styles look great doors in wenge wood or painted in glossy enamel.
Consider the color of the floor covering. If the floor of all rooms is the laminate flooring of the same color to pick up door is easy – you can take the same shade or a few shades lighter. But under different floor coverings may have differences. In this case, support the door color in other design elements – decorative items, furniture.
You can ignore the color of the floor, and to rely mainly on furniture. If the apartment furnishing is in dark colors, choose a door at 4-5 shades lighter. So they do not look dismal, install panels with glass inserts. Light pieces of furniture requires the same clearance of the door.
Furniture in different rooms and even in the same room can vary, but the walls typically is almost the same everywhere. So try to pick the door to the color of the Wallpaper or paint. Do not use the same colors or change the hue, or pick a contrasting or harmonious tone.
The best solution for apartments with various styles of the interior are veneered doors: outer face is the same, but the inner has an individual design, which you can pick up for each room. So you will keep harmony in all the rooms.