You will need
  • - gum
  • - hair clips
  • stud
In order to begin to weave the wiring on the hair, you need to take only two strands of hair, and the hair will be more airy, unlike hairstyles with regular braids.
When you make the harness, to tighten the strands can in any direction – clockwise or counterclockwise (each separately). After that, the flagella assemble together, twisting them together. The result is a harness that is very similar to cable rope.
For harnesses, as for any other hairstyle, a framework is needed. In your case it is a regular ponytail. Only after that divide your hair into two strands. Begin to tighten each of them counterclockwise as many times as you want. The ends of the bundles hold two fingers that they had not undone. Strands always spin in the same direction. This hairstyle will look more harmonious. After that both strands of loop between them, and secure the ends with a hair clip, and even better band.
Weave bundles on hair can also use artificial hairpiece-harness. To do this, make a low ponytail (about 2-3 cm above the neck). For fixing use rubber band. Slightly to the right of the tail position chignon-harness. Attach the hairpiece hairpin, pre-stretching the edge via the elastic that you tie the tail.
Next, divide the hair into two parts. Take one strand and twist into a tourniquet. Then wrap this braid elastic band and fasten it with a pin. Also made with the second strand. Only wrap her gum in the opposite direction. All secure on the studs.In the end your hairpiece-the wiring is to wrap a beautiful interweaving of flagella, having the form of a beam.