The standard summary is as follows: top left corner of the A4 sheet write the name, date of birth, city of residence, their contacts. Now down to 2 offset from "caps" summary and fully prescribe school that you finished or still studying. Do not write the abbreviation of the University, such sum or MEI – not every employer will decode the letters correctly. For example, deciphering MEI, Moscow power Institute, your future employer won't confuse it with an economic institution.
Then below is the most basic unit called "Experience". Of course, the young graduate, especially another student is nothing to brag about. But you can be smart. So, pay attention to the items you study in the University. Most likely, you have already managed to defend his scientific work, or engineering, or come up with a business plan of any company. Your completed work at the Institute will need to summary. For example, the development of a business plan suggests that you have knowledge of financial analysis, strategic decisions and marketing research. All of this can be noted in summary, adding in brackets "in the context of learning higher education. Do not forget to specify summary topics coursework or transcripts of significant works that relate to your chosen profession.
Starting from the second year, students are sent to practice. This is a good option to specify in the summary the specific names of the companies where you interned. Describe in detail your duties and your result, for example, an increase in calls from customers, profit growth, etc.
The last graphs in your summary will be the "personal qualities", "skills" and if you want, "hobby". Your summary will get more response from employers if you attach your photo.