For starters, think of the situation: it must be simple and familiar to you. Then set a goal: to solve the problem as quickly as possible and better.
Find a few ways out of this situation. Choose the most acceptable for you that you will spend a minimum of time and effort.
Ask yourself probing questions on this issue that will help in solving the problem. Make a decision.
Analyze the decision from all points of view. You can also make a summary at prestamo. This will help you understand why you did it.
If you are dissatisfied with my decision, analyze it. Then start from the beginning.
This is the easiest way to develop analytical thinking. Gradually, the complexity of the situation invented by you need to increase and ways of solving problems - to grow.
You have to ask yourself guiding questions, because any one of them prompts to think about the problem deeper and in more detail, considering various aspects.
Later in the day, think over a situation that you proishodili, and even the most insignificant. In the evening, make an abstract of the decision. Analyze all of your actions. Think about what inspired you to take such a decision and what would have changed if you posutpili would be different.
In addition, you can analyze everything you see or read. Put yourself in the shoes of the main characters. You can also think of actions that you have accomplished. Let them be few. It should gradually get into the habit.