Tighten the period of Dating is not worth it, it can become a habit, and then a guy may not want to live together, if it and so happy with everything. You should start with a discussion of how it would be convenient and nice to Wake up every morning together, sleep under one blanket, for a long time remain in your bed. Gradually he'll start to think about it, and the idea is to look pretty attractive.
Major changes are very difficult to decide, because you need to find a place to carry things and to establish a way of life. Living with parents is not a solution in the early stages of life together, couples often breaks up because of the interference of parents. Caught in someone else's family partner will always feel awkward. Another thing, if you've been Dating for a year or more and I know that in the event of a misunderstanding, the guy will not be on the side of the parents, and your.
Significant components of life together is the budget, and it is necessary to discuss who will do grocery shopping, pay utility bills. Will have to sacrifice unnecessary cumbersome things, bad habits. If you have already agreed on living together, you need to learn to work together to make decisions, to live in the same area and agree. Any actions must be accompanied by respect, warmth and trust to each other.
Speak with the guy your cravings. Everyone has certain habits, like running in the morning or sleep until one o'clock at the weekend. Agree to do it, either together, or try not to interfere with each other. If the guy is a heavy smoker and dislike the smell of cigarette smoke, mention this so he stepped out on the balcony or on the landing. If you love animals, try to talk about the purchase of a kitten, hamster, or dogs, joint care for it will dilute the relationship.