You will need
  • sleepers, cement, brick, supports, bridges.
Portable pier.
To make a flyover visit the nearest scrap. You must purchase 2 bearings and 2 of the bridge. The height of the towers is approximately 500 mm. One bridge with a length of one meter, a little more than 50 mm, the other bridge is shorter – Combining 400 mm. these parts are hinged by way of a finger from the bars, get handy rackthat can be disassembled and stored in the garage.
Overpass – viewing hole.
This is a common pit dug to the dimensions of the machine and ease of operation. The length of the plan depending on the length of the car (2-2. 5 m), the width depends on the distance between the wheels (but not less than 1m). The bottom and sides zabetonirovana from dirt and moisture. In addition to moisture protection, you can use any waterproofing material. But check the level of the groundwater. If the water is too close to the pit should be abandoned to avoid the swamp. In addition will definitely strengthen the walls from crumbling. To work in the pit will need a ladder. After the pit is covered with a canopy.
A ramp made of bricks.
Common bricks to collect in the form of a rise in the required for machine length and width, and cement. Maybe with time the shedding of cement. For repairing this trestle again to make a solution. This overpass is just made for garden or garden, in the courtyard of her house is unlikely to appreciate.
Overpass of sleepers.
The most durable and reliable material for handwritten overpasses are railroad ties. Sleepers impregnated with creosote, which protects them from rotting, and, therefore, such an overpass will last for many years.
For flyovers of sleepers will need a few pieces. Sleepers can be laid out over any hill, but you can build the overpass. In order for such a flyover drove even the Volga, you will need sleepers to the site of approximately 5m, and the arrival of 2.6 m. However, sleepers are very heavy. Will need assistants.