You will need
  • drill, screws, screwdrivers, boards.
Tools. Be careful about tools. You'll need a drill and screwdrivers. Besides, it is necessary to acquire edge bandings, which will help you beautifully decorate just made shelves. Note the width and length of tape when buying, as well as the color. It should not be too short or the shelf and needs to be pleasing to your eye color.
The types of shelves. There are several convenient options: install shelves or in the corners (the easiest way) or ties (the strongest way), or make them removable, so that at any moment they could be removed from the Cabinet without forced its damage and unnecessary movements.
Perhaps the most difficult type of shelves are the so-called "mezzanine", which are located above the rods and hooks for clothes. They are first, often long and with time are likely to cave in under the weight of the load. Therefore, strengthen the construction with the help of bracket. He takes most of the load with the middle part for yourself and also do not spoil the presentation.
Fasteners. As fastening elements, without which it is impossible to make shelves, use screws. They have their own optimum system requirements: they should not be small (for construction of medium size - a minimum of 12 PCs). The length of the screws should be two times greater than the thickness of the Board. By the way, some still use the old-fashioned nails, but practice shows that the use of screws is much more convenient and practical.