Grow Lotus rhizomes and seeds. The most rapid propagation method is by rhizomes. The result will be the following year. But for the early flowering Lotus should be planted with Mature horses 7-8 year old plants. To grow Lotus seeds, you must first put them in a jar of water, in this case, the sprout will appear on the third day. Planting seeds is much easier, but they survive worse. Lotuses bloom, planted in this way, only 5-7 on the year.
Conditions for landing.
Lotuss grow in water, so you need to prepare in advance a small pond. The minimum sizes for the landing - 3x3 meters. Optimal water depth is 1-1. 5 meters. At the bottom of the soil, it is necessary to put small pebbles so that the water was cleaner.
Lotus are planted directly into the water, by lowering the germs. For the best and comfort of the Lotus pond is often planted with reeds or irises.
After planting and during the growing Lotus in the pond to clean, preventing the growth of plants near shore. Between plants and the shore should be a distance of clean water. If the water dries, you must add fresh, otherwise Lotus can die. Be sure to follow the water level. No fertilizer for lotuses is not required, but a sufficient amount of clean water and attention.