In order to make the paper table, cut a rectangle of cardboard the size of 120x100 mm and glue it to colored paper. Of wooden sticks or cardboard cut out legs and glue them on the back side to the top of the table. You can also make a round table, cut out of cardboard circle with a diameter of 80 mm. To the circular table, attach the single leg, glued three strips of cardboard.
Also of cardboard you can glue small tables for flowers and tables for the hall. These tables can be made with round tops and square. Plastic or colored paper glue flower pots and put them on the table.
For the manufacture of a chair cut out back with back legs and seat with the front legs of cardboard. In the back, cut the decorative holes and glue the paper. Connect the backrest with the seat of the chair. Make a few chairs to furnish their dining table.
A cardboard cut out the chair first, make the two side walls of the seat, then the backrest and the seat. Obtyanite cardboard chair in fabric or colored paper.
From corrugated paper you can glue a beautiful lampshade for a floor lamp, and cardboard strips to assemble the floor stand.
Of the two cardboard boxes that need to be glued separately, make a bookcase. Stick to his doors out of cardboard.
For manufacturing the sofa has the same effect as in the case of manufacture cardboard chairs lengthen the seat and glue the paper side wall of the sofa. Separately make a throw pillow.