It is preferable to use a sea fish, but freshwater fish.

The original method, which is used to cook heh of fish, very labor intensive. But there are recipes that are greatly simplified, the taste of food to be cooked is not reflected.

To cook heh of fish, you need to have loin 500 grams. It could be carp, tuna, and catfish.

For this dish you need

  • one tablespoon of vinegar

  • two carrots

  • four onions

  • sweet pepper

  • salt, sugar

  • coriander, spices

  • two cloves of garlic

  • greens

From all this it's easy to cook heh of fish.

The dish is prepared.

  1. First you need to rinse fish fillet.

  2. Cut it into long stripes with a width of one centimeter.

  3. Then the fish should be placed in vinegar, let it stand there for thirty minutes.

  4. Carrots cut into long strips and lightly fry in vegetable oil, do not forget to add salt.

  5. Fish fillet top is covered with carrots.

  6. For carrots you need to lay out the onion, previously cut into his half-rings.

  7. Add the vinegar, spices, sugar, a little salt and mix well. Also add the garlic, finely chopped, coriander leaves and again mix well.

  8. The dish should be put in the fridge for a day, then it will be ready.

Here is another recipe. For it will need:

  • live carp

  • vinegar essence

  • sugar, salt, red and black pepper

  • coriander, onion

  • soy sauce, vegetable oil

  • garlic, sesame oil

  • carrots, coriander

  • cucumber

In order to cook heh of carp, you will need very fresh fish.

You need to make a fillet and cut into strips. Then put the fish in a container and pour the vinegar, add the above ingredients, except garlic and onions.

Then all mix, add the fried onions and again mix well. Then you need to add to the fish the garlic, finely chopped, sesame oil. Let the dish stand up hour at room temperature.

Then the grated carrots to put on the fish and add the fresh cucumber cut into strips. Mix everything and refrigerate for an hour.