Clothing can be shot on a model or mannequin, and flat on the rack. First, select this option the shooting. If you prefer the first, the suit should enhance the beauty of the model. You can include clothing accessories: bracelets, belts, necklaces. With the mannequin or hanger of such manipulation is not necessary.
Pick a bright, but not sharp light. It should be soft, emphasizing the texture of the fabric. Avoid harsh shadows from the folds of fabric. Use reflectors for full coverage of all parts.
The background should contrast with the color of the clothes, but don't stand out. Often for these shots uses a white background, but you may want to take pictures in the interior or on the nature. In this case, the idea of the background must harmonize with the mood of the costume, and the color – contrast.
When photographing clothing on a model don't forget to accentuate her beauty, expose to light and play with color, depending on the type of its shape. In some cases (when shooting trousers, dresses, tops), you can cut parts of the body that are not wearing the clothes model (neck, head, etc.).
Flaws (stains on the background, the wrinkles on the model, etc.) can be removed either by the use of lighting during filming, or later, during frame.