The main requirements to the tip ofthe arrow is to be streamlined, to have weight and not break the shaft. Since the exercises in archery we don't need to hit "hard" manpower, you can start making a tipfrom a "humane" materials. Material for tipand can serve a variety of available materials: polyester, champagne corks, rubber from the inner tube.
To make a simple and atraumatic tip construction from microporous rubber. Cut a piece of rubber plate having a width of 10 mm and a length of 45 mm. Screw it to the boom with a loop with a small gap. The gap will keep the tip from breaking the arrow shaft. Changing the gap, you can balance the arrow.
Another option safe tipand a section of rubber tubing with a length of about 20-30 mm. tube Diameter should allow tightly impose it on the arrow shaft. To stick the pipe to the end, to the bow of the rubber tipand acted on the shaft by 10 mm.
More substantial tipcapable of sticking in the wooden target, you can make them simple nail. Select the knife in the boom nose pad equal in length to half the length of the nail. Do in the middle of the platform longitudinal groove (it drowned the nail). Now tape the nail to the shaft with copper wire, with its turn to turn. Tip ready.
A solid tip can be made of thin steel sheet with a thickness of 1,5-2 mm. Cut from a sheet of a tip of triangular shape with a shank equal in width to the diameter of the boom. Do at the end of the boom slot in which to insert the shank. For strength, use the glue. Outside the join of the wrap thick nylon thread, trying to place the coils tight.