However, despite the fact that the kind of mussel now known to almost everyone, many never tried. And most of those who tried it, has no idea how to eat mussels. And all anything, but they are becoming more common and no one is immune from the situation where in a bar or restaurant (or for a modest family dinner) with them will have to face "face to face". And, like any other food, the mussels have their own rules for serving and eating.

How to eat mussels, or a Guide to action

On the table mussels can be presented in various forms: dried, smoked, pickled, consisting of soups and salads, already cleaned or closed shells. The most common options when mussels are offered on skewers. This is the simplest case, which does not require any special actions: mussels simply go to where it should belong — in your mouth.

Harder if offered the mussels in the shells. They can be a separate dish or as an ingredients for soup. As a rule, in such a situation, the shells were slightly parted. In order to properly eat mussels, served in this form, you will need special tools: tweezers and a special oyster fork. They usually additionally served table. Tweezers are placed in the left hand, and with their help, the mussel clamped on the plate. Then in goes the plug, which is extracted from the shell of a mollusk. Allowed to use an open leaf as a spoon. Then poured the clam sauce, the sash is brought to the mouth and its contents neatly retracts inside. Empty shells are formed on a specially designed plate. Most importantly, when you commit the whole process to act very carefully to avoid splashing of juice or accidental contact with the mollusc to the neighbor.

Mussels: what they eat

Mussels are seafood, so it is not surprising that they are subject to the same rules. Usually a dish of mussels served in a light beer or white wine (dry) at room temperature.

If there are mussels in the shells on the table must present the Cup with pure water, lemon slices (to wash hands). Alternatively, you can use wet wipes or paper towels.