Search the web for a diagram and dimensions for the casing of the machine. As material, you can use the cover from the old system unit. Following the diagram, make the body of the car. Wheels can be made from plastic lids or other round objects.
Pick up additional items for decorating the cars. You can use elements of the old CD drive. Side, frontal and rear Windows are made of thin plexiglass. Next, get creative and give the car a more realistic look. If you believe that you will not be able to make a good case, just buy a regular toy machine size required.
Buy in a specialty store small electric motor to the axle to connect the wheels. You will also need batteries, long wire and unnecessary remote control. Take an old computer mouse and remove both buttons. One of them solder 2 small wires, one of which is output to the electric motor, and the second solder to the positive pole of the battery. It should be noted that the negative terminal is located directly on the motor.
Run back up the managed machine. To do this, solder two wires to the second mouse button by analogy with the first. Then connect the plus and minus on the battery. Connect both the mouse button to the remote control.
Put on the axis of the electric motor driven wheels cars. The efficiency of the device is checked by clicking to the buttons of a computer mouse. One of them is responsible for front and back.
Get a special fee for work with the IR ports if you want wireless control of the machine. In this case, the mouse button will be connected directly to the Board and to close the contact when you press a certain combination on the remote. To customize the commands necessary to perform programming of the device-specific applications.