Before you start to wash viscose, separate colored items from whites. Thus, wash separately the white stuff and painted.
Check the contents of all the pockets available, brush the clothes brush from the adhered fibers, visible particles adhering dirt, remove and shake.
Look closely at the feature of washing particular things specified on its label.
In the case of machine washing select the function of the delicate or hand wash setting, the water temperature at around 30 degrees. You must disable the feature extraction. For washing, use detergent for machine washing very delicate fabrics.
Erasing viscose hands, dial in a bowl of slightly warm water (30 degrees) and stir into it the powder for washing very delicate fabrics. Thoroughly dissolve the powder. Let items soak in the soapy water for 30 minutes.
Gently rinse in soapy water product from viscose. To RUB and stretch viscose impossible, as it formed creases.
Rinse the thing in a large quantity of water, allowing the water to self-drain with fabric, in any case, do not twist and do not wring by hand products made of viscose.
To overcome thing from viscose, place it on a sheet and gently roll up into a roll, then lightly press. Before drying gently shake the product.
Dry clothes made of cotton only or natural drying on hangers, or place it on a flat surface on the fabric that will absorb moisture.
Tutuila viscose wet or iron it using a wet cloth. Ironed it on the reverse side lightly with a warm iron configured for a mode silk fabrics.